Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Projected 2013 Iditarod Winner Is...

The projected 2013 Iditarod Winner is the fan because this has been an unbelievable journey to watch. It looks like it is going to be a nail biter all the way to the Burled Arches. Take a look at the historical race times from White Mountain to Nome for the top 5 in the past 4 years.  It looks like a foot race between Aliy and Jeff.

Mitch Aliy Jeff Ray Jr Dallas
2012 12:43 10:42 10:11 11:06
2011 9:42 10:17 10:02
2010 13:13 11:02 10:16 9:55 9:25
2009 11:48 11:23 8:55 8:46 9:48
AVG 12:34 10:42 9:35 9:47 10:05

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Tom said...

WOW. I'm guessing that Mitch is no longer nodding off on his sled as he indicated in the White Mountain video. It would be great to get some live video in Safety as they come through there. Then a bit further back, Dallas and Ray are replaying the same drama. Then back a bit more there is Joar, Nicolas and Jake. Maybe they are racing 3 wide like in Nascar?